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2018 Tour Information

Dates, Details, and Season Flammy Count!

Upcoming Tour Dates

Current Tour Dates from May 16th and July 30th, 2018. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a different date in mind!

  • May 16
    **2 Spots Available** Basic ($75/person)
  • May 17
    SOLD OUT Private
  • May 21
    SOLD OUT Private
  • May 22
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • May 29
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • June 4
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • June 6
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • June 14
    **2 Spots Available** Owling+ ($125/person)
  • June 18
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • June 21
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • July 2
    **1 Spot Available** Type TBD
  • July 10
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • July 12
    **3 Spots Available** Basic or Owling +
  • July 16
    SOLD OUT Basic ($75/person)
  • July 17
    SOLD OUT Private
  • July 18
    **1 Spot Available** Basic ($75/person)
  • July 23
    **1 Spot Available** Basic ($75/person)
  • July 30
    **2 Spots Available** Basic ($75/person)


The mountains just outside Salt Lake City provide some of the closest and easiest to access nesting sites for Flammulated Owl in the western United States. This common breeder is a mountain west specialty and highly desirable species for many birders from around the world.

With a 100% success rate in locating Flammy's singing during our trips--and usually good looks, we have provided this lifer for many birders over the years.

In 2012 we showed Greg Miller of The Big Year his first visual of a Flammulated Owl, and have provided a number of 700 club members theirs as well. Aside from these birds we usually also have Common Nighthawks and Common Poorwills, and occasionally pick up other owls, Ruffed Grouse, and a variety of songbirds.

Days Until
Flammy Season

2018 Flammy Count: 0

2017 Flammy Count: 228

2016 Flammy Count: 179

2015 Flammy Count: 180

What's Included
( & Not )

Here's what we'll provide as well as what you need to bring.

Professional Guide

With more than 20 years of birding experience, and extensive knowldege of the local flora and fauna.


We pick you up at a predetermined meeting location or hotel and will get you back at the end of the tour.

Spotlight & Calls

It's owling so we bring the light and owl calls for you to see the birds. We also use a laser to help point them out.

Water and Snacks

Fresh and cold water is provided on all MWBirdCo tours. A small snack pack is provided for all attendees as well.

Birds and a Good Time

We will see and hear some birds! We'll also engage in lively discussion about said birds and anything else that comes up.

What's Not Included

You must provide your own optics, cameras, bug spray, jackets, shoes, etc. We highly recommend all of those :)