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Mountain West Birding Company Custom Birding Tours

We can build a tour from the ground up that includes: birding, wildlife watching, scenery, state and national parks, history, food, and more. We can plan your trip from start to end and make sure you have a memorable adventure in the mountain west.

Greater Roadrunner on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Greater Roadrunner “Multi Day”, 2018
American Dipper on a custom Utah Birding Tour
American Dipper “Multi Day”, 2018
Black Rosy-Finch on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Black Rosy-Finch “1/2 Day”, 2015
>Common Poorwill on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Common Poorwill “Fulll Day”, 2018
Sharp-shinned Hawk on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Sharp-shinned Hawk “Multi Day”, 2016
American Bittern on a custom Utah Birding Tour
American Bittern “Multi Day”, 2018
Pine Grosbeak on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Pine Grosbeak Full Day”, 2012
Brewer's Sparrow on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Brewer's Sparrow “Multi Day”, 2016
Northern Saw-whet Owl on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Northern Saw-whet Owl “Full Day”, 2015
Cassin's Finch on a custom Utah Birding Tour
Cassin's Finch “Multi Day”, 2016

Tour Options

It was a fantastic experience. Tim's knowledge and ability to see and point out a bird are amazing.
Andrew K. “1/2 Day Tour”, 2017

Details We can create just about any tour you want—just ask

The state of Utah boasts a list of nearly 475 species of birds. With the Rocky Mountains in the east, the Colorado Plateau in the southeast, the Mojave desert in the southwest, the Great Basin in the west, and the Great Salt Lake in the north, the combination of birds that show up in Utah are astonishing.

Additional Information

Come Up with a Target List Let us know what you are interested in seeing

More than 10 species of Game Birds can be found here, North American Endemic Black Rosy-Finch and Gunnison Sage-Grouse are here. Millions of shorebirds and waterfowl can be found on the Great Salt Lake during migration. Warblers, Tanagers, Sparrows, Flycatchers, Owls, Woodpeckers, Hawks, Falcons, Grebes, Loons, and the list goes on.

Ruddy Duck from Custom Utah Birding Tour

Tailor the Tour for the Client We'll figure out the best option for your needs

With our custom tour option, MWBirdCo we will tailor a route to suit your needs. You provide a list of species you want to see, how mush time you want to spend birding, and we'll take care of the rest. We know where to find these birds and are highly successful in our endeavors to show them others. We can help you see the birds you want, and take you just about anywhere in the state of Utah, as well as southern Idaho, Western Wyoming, western Colorado, northern Arizona, and eastern Nevada.

Golden Eagle from Custom Utah Birding Tour

Dates Available Year Round And we can take car eof every facet of your trip

Need lodigng recommendations? No problem. Need us to book your accomodations for you? No problem. Want to know the best dates to visit? Where to eat while you're here? Recommendations for self-guiding before and afte rour tour? We can take care of your hotels, meals, pickup and drop-off, and make sure you have a relaxed, worry-free experience while birding with us. Just tell us what you want to do!

Javan Kingfisher Birding Bali Tour

Custom Tour Options Our philospohy is pick the tour that fits you.

1/2 Day
per person
6 hour morning or afternoon/evening tour; perfect if you're short on time!

*starting at
Full Day+
per person
12 hours, providing ample time to cover a variety of habitats and species!

*starting at
VIP Experience
per persond
5 Star Accomodations, Vehicles, Meals, and Access to the best guides and reserves in the world!

*contact for details

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Javan Banded Pitta in Bali, Indonesia

What’s Included Here’s what we’ll provide on these tours.

Professional Guide Service

Transportation on the Ground

Water Bottle and Water during tour

Birds—we’ll find some birds

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Time

What We Can Provide We can plan your whole trip.


Meals & Drinks




Other Equipment

What’s Not Included Here’s what you typically need to bring.

Alcoholic Drinks


Cameras and Lenses

Bug Spray

Jackets or Sweaters

Shoes and Socks

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What an amazing experience! We brought two of our kids out on a Flammulated Owl tour with Tim and it was amazing.
Niki J. “Flammulated Owling”, 2017
Himalayan Snowcock and Cassia Crossbill! Another trip with Tim, another success! These were the "big two" for this trip and Tim delivered in spades.
Paul K. “Most Wanted”, 2018
It is great to see a guide who gets excited about seeing the birds and at the same time cares about their welfare!
David D. “Multi-day Tour”, 2018
Tim is a fantastic guide so friendly and kind. He's funny too. I felt very comfortable on his tour which was sold out.
Melissa H. “Flammulated Owling”, 2018
This was my first experience with a guided bird trip and it could not have been better.
Robin C. “1/2 Day Tour”, 2017

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