Each summer we have a set number of public tour dates. These tours are open to anyone and have a set cost per person. Scheduled Tours leave from SLC at 7:00pm on the night of the tour and return around 11:00pm. Each scheduled tour spends about 90 minutes birding montane riparian habitat near our owling sites before dark. We often encounter a number of local songbird specialties on this tour including: American Dipper, Dusky Flycatcher, Western Tanager, Gray Catbird, Yellow-breasted Chat, Swainson's Thrush, Violet-green Swallow, and Fox Sparrow.

All public tours are limited to 3 participants, ensuring a great experience for each birder. In the case of bad weather we typically reschedule the tour to the following night, or one night the following week. If you pay ahead of time we guarantee a spot on a later tour, a private trip on a night we're available, or a full refund if desired.

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